Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smoking Banned in Chennai

By Banning Tobacco smoking whom does it favour? Will smokers stop it, anyway they are gonna do it.There may be certain advantages like pollution,passive smoking.The main motto is Health.
    According to a U.N survey, In INDIA after 2010 cause of deaths due to smoking would increase.Also one in three indians smoke.The Government should bring pictorial warnings everywhere instead of letters,until then no one would stop it.Cinema halls must play small movies of diseases caused due to smoking.
        Why does a person smoke? He might have started in his teen age for fun,then it becomes a habbit.If you ask a smoker-What's the reason for smoking? Some might say its due to pressure, the remaining others would say "I Dont know".It's also due to Nicotine addiction but its registered on their subconsious mind,that's the reason they do it.They must also include a subject about "Effects Of Drug usage" for school education like they did it for sex education.

                  A very very bad idea of stopping smoking by people is to reduce the intake,tats not possible "STOP ABRUPTLY".Also some governments in our country aren't supporting like Maharastra and others,i dont know the reason why are they doing so?If we see the Long term effects of Banning smoking(Strict Action must be taken) there are a certain percentage of smokers in the age group of 18-25(may be >40%).Many of their parents dont know they are smoking. so if we ban smoking on public places, am dead sure they wont smoke in their houses.There is no other go they must get used to it and leave the habbit.And after say 20-30 years there wont be much smokers compared to now.But this ban must be strictly followed and continued to make our Coutry a Healthy and wealthy one(coz, if u ask smokers how much they spend,they would surley say a 5 digit no)
                 If you are Smoker,please stop smoking for urself,ur family and our country.Become Healthiy and Wealthy.

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