Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be MR.Smarty

How You Can Start Spending Smart? Small drops make big ocean!! This is really true.Last weekend, I went to my see my Cousin’s house. He is in Grade 6. Something was different when I looked at him. I just noticed that he has changed his prescription Glass.

When I asked him why he changed, he said that the glasses he had broke very often and also he changed more than 4 Glasses. Then I asked, how long this glass has been with him? He is using this for past 4 months!! I took the glass and looked at the quality, it was great. He said it was a $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, and he saw the Zenni Optical on TV!!!
I searched the internet about Zenni optical and found that it is one of the best optical.

Their website dot php has all the prices of Glasses and also offers many varieties. They have glasses of all types. I am going to pick My favorite high fashion eyeglasses from Zenni optical!!

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