Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kanthasammy update

                                   Kanthasammy which is the next movie of actor Vikram and Shriya is all set to hit the screens soon and the movie will be much awaited and much desired releases for Vikram’s fans.

                               Susi Ganeshan is the director of this movie and the trailers of this movie are already out in Telugu as the Telugu title is “Mallanna”. A song is being planned to be shot in this month and then the post production world which already began is going to take place in full swing.


                                 Recently, this film was involved in a controversy as a person Elango filed a case against the director for copying his film’s song. Excuse Me Mr. Kanthasammy is the cause for trouble as the petition is lying in the madras high court. Elango is demanding a compensation of 1 lakh for copying the lyrics of his song.


Susi is confident that this matter will be solved peacefully and expects the music of this film to hit the markets by January 31st.