Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie planet

                              Do you like movies? What kind of movies do you usually enjoy watching? I have always loved to watch movies from all genres, from romantic comedy to action, from comedy to sci-fi, suspense and fantasy, cartoons and drama. There are some films I can't get enough of that I watch them three to four times.Also we can watch Online movies through video applications.

                          Like Happy Feet, Armageddon, Simon Birch, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Notebook. I usually watch movies in cinemas but lately I have been lacking time to actually go to malls, so now I only watch at home from my personal computer which is what I did over the weekend. Aside from saving time in going to the mall which is quite far from where I live I also get to watch free movies instead of paying in movie theaters.Look at the movie Updates.Wow!!


         Good thing I have a friend who provides me with all the movies I want since he owns an internet cafe and he can download free movies, I only give him the list of movies I want.The amazing feature is movie forum.. That's really great.


                    For people on the go, Movie Planet is the way to GO! It’s just what you need to help you narrow down what you want to watch with easy to navigate and search features. I can’t express enough gratitude for such a phenomenal system, it really does work wonders for the film appreciator with limited time.



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