Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One day with Hughes Net

Last week, we went to our cousin's house. I cannot forget the past experiences when I went to their home. During one of our visit, my office colleague called me and asked me to do a small research about our project which was about to be completed. My cousin had a Dial up connection. I started to do a Research. That was one of the worst connection, I have used. Every page took more than 5 minutes to load properly. I thought I could have traveled to my office (250 KM's) and could have finished the project by that time.. It took me whole night to write a couple of pages. This incident came to my mind when I stepped into their house.

I prayed to God not to get any calls from my office. We were chatting as usual and had our dinner. I got message in my cell from my friend. He reminded me to purchase a unique collection gift. The auction was taking place in e-bay. It was going to get over in another 10 minutes. I sat on my cousin's computer and opened the browser and typed and closed my eyes. After a couple of seconds I opened my eyes to check if I typed the address correctly. It was like a Thunder struck me down. The e-bay page was loaded fully in a couple for seconds. WOW. Even in my home it will take more than 5 seconds for my cable connection. In less than two minutes I completed my Auction and also purchased a Gift item to my cousin. My cousin said he had purchased hughesNet a couple of months ago. The connection was very smooth. I didn’t find any lag or any problems. There were also no frequent disconnections like other satellite internet providers. I even downloaded a couple of software. And the most wonderful information is that it protects our personal information by using one of the top Anti-virus and Anti-spam protections. I also finished a small part of my research work which was to be completed next week in a hour. The high-speed internet connection from Hughes has speeds up to 50 times faster than Dial-up. The first thing after returning to my home would be to install a Hughes Net satellite connection. I will recommend all my friends to use this. They have some of the important features like Fast download speeds, Connection is "always-on", broad service availability and not to forget their flexible payment options. Common friends what are you waiting for??

As per the previous proverb "Time and Tide wait for none", utilize your time to the maximum by using Hughes and live the life to the core!!

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