Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wolverine and its record openings

It surely hasn’t been the happiest patch for filmmakers and goers in India. If the multiplex trade off had resulted in several films not even hitting the screens in North India, it has been an unsuccessful period for many films in Tamil. Wolverine, featuring Hugh Jackson, which released recently, has had the biggest opening for any Hollywood film in India this year.

The film, produced by 20th Century Fox, has taken on biggies like 'Angels & Demons', apart from several other vernacular films in the country. And it has grossed a whopping Rs 10 Crore in its first week itself, earning the biggest opening in recent times for a Hollywood film in USA apart from India.

The fourth film in the 'X-Men' series, it has paved way and encouraged other sequels films like 'Night At The Museum 2’ and 'Ice Age 3' which are expected to hit the screens soon.

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