Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ajith Kumar's Personal E-Mail To His Beloved Fans

To, 15th April 2010

My Dearest Fans & Well wishers,

Thank you all very much for the love,support,encouragement & loyalty you shower upon me. My family and I are extremely grateful to each and everyone of you.

Ever since I started working at the age of 16 have worked extremely hard.After having entered the Tamil film industry in the year 1993 have worked even harder and spent sleepless nights to give you all quality films. Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed. In the process have seen good times & also bad times. I have also faced many a crisis both personally & professionally. Yet you all continue to love and support me. I am speechless. Honestly, I would not have survived 18 long years in the Tamil Film Industry without your love,support & encouragement.

Formula Two (F2) is a fiercely competitive championship.Most of the drivers on the F2 grid have been racing for many years now and have loads of experience under their belt.

I had attended the official tests at Snetterton Circuit (6&7th April) & also at Silverstone Circuit (12th April). At the Snetterton test I was off the pace by 3 secs and at Silverstone Circuit was off the pace by almost 6 seconds.I still have a lot to learn & catch up. It is going to be a very tough task ahead. I may or may not succeed but I am definitely doing the best I can.

Wishing you all good health,happiness and prosperity now & forever.


Ajith Kumar.

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