Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Award goes to Surya!!!

I was searching for a particular photo in my desk, while doing so I found the group photos that were taken during my college days. I remembered how we would debate about our favorite actors. Always I supported Surya. He is the son of Actor Siva kumar. The kaakha Kaakha film can never be forgotten. His acting was to the core. When we see the involvement he takes and the commitment he gives, he proves himself as a true Hero.

He has substantially raised his standards. We cannot compare anyone with him. Surya has got very good talent. His acting skills are natural when compared to others. A couple of years ago, I shifted my residence to another county. That was when my favorite movie (kaakha Kaakha) was aired. I was very worried that I would not be able to watch it. Out of my eagerness I purchased Satellite TV from DirectsatTv. I watched my favorite movie on that day. It was a thrilling experience.

Usually in my old house, the cable TV connection would not be available for minimum 2 days a month due to maintenance. But I was able to watch all my favorite star shows without missing even one episode in Satellite TV. If I were asked to give Best of the Best awards, I would definitely go with Surya. The next BOB Awards would be to Ajith. If I have not mentioned about Ajith, I would never get the best Blog Awards.

Hey Ajith fans out there!!

Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards

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